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Milgards new vinyl window series "Trinsic"

Milgard introduced a new product line in early fall of 2018, Trinsic! In early September I was in Temecula, Ca with many other dealers as Milgard was showcasing their newest product line. The goal of this new vinyl window is to offer a product with a bit more contemporary design with clean simple lines while including the great selling points of Milgards premier vinyl series, "Tuscany" Windows and Doors. Trinsic vinyl windows come standard with the Milgard full lifetime warranty. The SmartTouch lock is carried over from thier Tuscany windows as well. The locks for these windows are designed in a manner as to "disappear" into the sash and not be something to grab your eye's attention. Unfortunately Milgard did not include a SmartTouch Lock for the sliding doors in Trinsic. I will say I have a Tuscany series sliding door in my house and the SmartTouch lock is very convenient.

Trinsic windows are offered in White, Tan, as well as the painted vinyl colors offered by Milgard. Trinsic series offers a narrow frame vinyl window with even sightlines; meaning any windows next to each other built the same size regardless of operating style will have the same amount of visible glass. This may not sound like a big deal but will make your room appear to be built with design as a priority. Little things a persons eye will notice but not fully understand, go a long way for aesthetics in architecture. When deciding what product to replace your old windows with, Milgard Trinsic series should not be over looked if you are installing new vinyl windows.

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